Bio: Linda Meltzner

Remember the first time you walked into a library; the quiet atmosphere, the long stacks of books, the excitement of opening your first choice?  I want everyone to feel that joy, especially new readers. Reading is one of my passions and I’ve hopefully inspired my husband’s, children’s and grandchildren’s love of reading.  As a member and originator of my book club on Long Island, I enjoyed sharing my eclectic reading list with my friends.  The Reed Memorial Library and Retreat at Carmel book clubs provide the same stimulation.   When I was in elementary school, I was not able to read until I was at the end of fourth grade.  There was no reason for it, I was an excellent student otherwise. Amazingly at the end of fourth grade, I understood the words and I’ve loved to read ever since.

I’ve been a resident at the Retreat in Carmel for 5.5 years and a member of the Reed Memorial Library for almost as long.    I have a degree in Math with a minor course study in Physics and was last employed in the Farmingdale School District in Farmingdale, NY as a computer technician for 36 years.  During that time, I introduced computers to the teachers and students in the district. We were just beginning to use computers at the time and the job included some public relations.  As the IT consultant to the Farmingdale Teachers’ Center, I was able to facilitate professional development for the teachers in the district and support their needs.    As a member of the Reed Memorial Library Board of Trustees, it will be my goal to encourage the pleasure of using the library.